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Q. Why choose CT Gutter Helmet, LLC.

A. CT Gutter Helmet has helped thousands of homeowners safeguard the overall condition of

their homes. As well as saved customers from countless hours of tedious gutter maintenance.

With new gutters, downspouts, and the addition of gutter guards.


Q. How important is it to keep the gutters clean?

A. Clean Gutters are vital to your home’s water management system in order to avoid basement

flooding and moisture damage that often results from clogged, overflowing gutters. Proper

maintenance is essential to protect and maintain the value of your home.


Q. Why should I install gutter guards?

A. Clogged gutters can overflow, causing costly damage to the roof, fascia, and siding as well as

create excess ground water next to the foundation that may seep into the basement.

Having the right gutter guards can save you time and money on maintaining your home and the

possibility of costly repair work in the future.


Q. What are the benefits of installing Gutter Helmet?

A. Gutter Helmet is America’s number #1 gutter protection system and can be installed over new

or existing gutters. With a Triple Lifetime Warranty you can rest assured your investment is

protected. Also, the unique design allows you to change one section of the system if it is

damaged so that you don't have to replace the whole system. Unlike one-piece systems.


Q. What are the benefits of installing Helmet Heat?

A. Helmet Heat ice reduction system is an ingenious, self-regulating heat cable that runs through

the Gutter Helmet system. It protects your home by reducing the formation of icicles and ice

dams resulting in water leaks, sagging gutters, falling icicles and other potential safety concerns.

Helmet Heat is installed under the gutter Helmet panels giving you a clean look as opposed to

exposed wires running across your roofline.


Q. Will Helmet Heat run up my electricity bill?

A. Helmet Heat is a self-regulating cable that responds to the outside temperature. As the

temperature rises, the cable cools, as the temperature drops the cable heats up, conserving energy

and saving you money. The whole system can also be switched off when not in use.


Q. Do I have to be home during the inspection?

A. It is strongly preferred the homeowner is present during the inspection, but if this is not

possible, we can still inspect as scheduled.


Q. Do you hold any certifications?

A. CT Gutter Helmet, LLC is the only company in Connecticut certified to install Gutter Helmet.

All employees participate in yearly continuing education classes on proper material handling and

installation practices.


Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. CT Gutter Helmet offers stress-free financing options for homeowners throughout Greater

New Haven & Western CT. Call us today at 1-203-721-6200 to discuss further details regarding

our financing options available in Connecticut.


Q. Do you offer any warranties?

A. Gutter Helmet installation comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty on performance, material

and is fully transferable from the original purchaser. Warranty terms are available in writing

when requested and will be provided after registering your warranty online. For additional details

on all our products and warranties please contact our office or ask your representative.


Q. Do you offer any energy-efficient products?

A. Gutter Helmet® is made from 96% recycled scrapped metal. A sustainable product and

healthy environment is important to CT Gutter Helmet.


Q. Do you offer free estimates for installation/repair jobs?

A. Yes, we offer free in-home consultations at no cost, with no obligation to the homeowner.

Call today. 203-721-6200 to schedule a free estimate.



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