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Three Major Issues Gutter Helmet® Can Prevent

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

The lack of gutter maintenance can cause serious water damage to your home.  Build up of debris and other elements in your gutter system occurs by the lack of gutter maintenance.  This prevents water from draining away from your home, which can lead to water damages in several areas of your property, resulting in costly repairs.

Cleaning your gutters is a time-consuming chore no one likes to do.  But with the evolution of technology in gutter guards, the best solution is protecting your home with Gutter Helmet.   It is among America's #1 best gutter systems and can keep your gutters clear of debris and other objects, so you will never have to clean your gutters again.  With the Gutter Helmet system it can prevent several damages to your home:

Foundation Damage

Gutters play an important role in diverting water away from the foundation of your home.  If your gutter system is in poor shape, pools of water will collect around them and can cause cracks in the foundation.  Protecting the structure of your home is important and with Gutter Helmet you will never have to worry about this problem.   The product has a slanted design to block debris, twigs, and leaves from entering your gutters.  With its smooth ribbed surface, it only allows water to seamlessly enter the system without spilling over the edge.  Clogged gutters is a thriving environment for standing water and mold growth which can spread and trigger health issues. 

Siding Damage

Clogged gutters cause the water to overflow down the sides of your home.  This can contribute to the process of deterioration in the most vulnerable areas of the property.  For instance, if you have wood siding, it may speed up the process of peeling paint leading to rot.  This could result in extra costs in the replacement of the siding.

Roof Damage

During the cold winter months if snow and icicles build up on the eaves of your home it can cause potentially serious safety hazards such as:

- ice damage

- ice dams

- hazardous walkways

- wet ceilings

When water collects and freezes in the gutters, ice dams can be formed on the edge of the roof.  This can cause damage to your roof and inside of your home.  Ice dams can also put your gutters and downspouts at risk.  This problem is very common in the New England area.

Helmet Heat can eliminate the formation of ice and icicles and helps to prevent slippery walkways.  The system is a self-regulating cable device specially designed for the Gutter Helmet system.   The cable responds automatically by heating up when the outside temperature drops.  The cable cools down as the temperature rises, saving you money.

With the installation of Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat, you can rest assured your home will remain dry and most importantly safe all year round.

To learn more about the Gutter Helmet system call 1-203-721-6200 or click HERE.

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