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Spring Clean Day

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

Spring Clean Your Home

Have you been avoiding cleaning your house for the spring? National Clean Your Room Day is on May 10th and is the perfect day to get started. During the long winter months, the dust has been piling up in every dresser, shelf and under your beds. On this day parents get motivated to clean while kids dread the chores ahead.

The tradition of spring cleaning was created back to the time before electricity was invented. Folks used fire as a source of light and heat through the winter. Windows remained shut and with no fresh air, when spring arrived everything in the house would be covered in soot and ash. On the first warm day of the year, the entire family would get behind the furniture and scrub down the walls, beat the dust out of the rugs and wipe down everything.

Here are some spring-cleaning tips:

INTERIOR - Clean every dresser, shelf and don't forget to dust under the bed. - Declutter your room as you clean and make a pile for trash and donations. - Switch out the linens and curtains. - Tidy a messy closet. - Neatly store small items in an organizer bag or an ottoman.


- Clean and repair the gutters. - Never clean your gutters again by installing a Gutter Helmet protection system. - Repair the driveway. - Clean the deck. - Clean and repair the screens and windows.

Make Clean Your Room Day fun for the kids and allow them to inspect your cleaning efforts. Remember to reward yourself as well by treating the family out to dinner.

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