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Simple tips for lawn maintenance this summer.

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Monday, July 29th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

Clean up the Lawn Enhance the landscape with new colorful plants, annuals, and perennials and tidy the annuals that return each year. Colorful plants can add a splash of color and texture to the landscape. Replace any lifeless annuals or herbs with a pretty plant pot for under $10. Try a monochromatic effect by adding flowers with the same color as your home.

Groom your Lawn Trim your bushes, shrubs, and trees before they overgrow and get out of hand. Purchase a good pair of hedge shears for less than $300 or an electric hedge trimmer for under $60.

Add Mulch to your Lawn Refresh the mulch with a new layer of mulch to make the landscape more beautiful. The contrasting color of the flowers and mulch will make everything pop. Bags of mulch are inexpensive and costs approx. $20 per yard.

Spruce Outdoor Containers Beautify your lawn with color and texture with potted plants. Incorporate container pots into the landscape to add interest and color in different areas of the yard. Potted ports are less maintenance and are versatile. Try placing the containers the doorways and patios to boost curb appeal. Large potted plants start around from $10 in a local store or flower market.

Add Features Create a timeless landscape with garden features such as an ornamental tree, bench, birdbath or a beautiful stone wall. Build a stone wall in front of your garden or surround a tree. The cheapest materials for building a wall is with Cinder blocks for around $3 each. Transform a space with a birdbath or a bench. Visit a yard sale for a bench and spruce it up by sanding it down and then apply a coat of paint. Attract a wide variety of birds with a birdbath to your space. Birdbaths can be found for less than $10 in stores.

Add Sparkle to Hard Surfaces You can make all hard surfaces look brand new again. Restore dirty surfaces, fences, vinyl and, brick siding with a power washer. Rent or buy a power washer for less than $70 at a hardware store.

CT Gutter Helmet is here to help you create the garden and home for your family's needs. We provide quality products to protect the home like gutters, gutter guards and roofing. You can reach us at (203) 721 6200 or fill out a form HERE!

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