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How to Melt Ice on My Roof

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

What is an ice dam? When snow accumulates on the eaves of the roof, it can form into a ridge of ice. Ice dams prevent water from melting snow to drain off the roof causing water to back up behind the dam. Eventually, the still water can leak into the home resulting in water damage to ceilings, interior walls, attic insulation and more.

How to get rid of ice dams

Reduce the chances of icicles forming on your roof this winter with a proven ice reduction system, Helmet Heat. This energy efficient system is a self-regulated cable programmed to produce heat only when the outside temperature drops to a certain level.

Take a look at the benefits of installing Helmet Heat:

Safe and reliable Reduces heavy and dangerous icicles Reduces ice build up on the edge of the roof Reduces frozen gutters Energy efficiency with self-regulation Compatible with the Gutter Helmet System Operating the system is as simple as a flick of a switch. Certified Helmet Heat installers will show you when to switch the device on and off.

Free Estimate

CT Gutter Helmet, LLC is your local dealer for the installation of Helmet Heat. For further information on the installation of Helmet Heat call us at 1-203-721-6200 or CLICK HERE to fill out a form!

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