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Give a Helping Hand for Mother's Day

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Thursday, May 9th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

Check the Screw

Open every door, cabinet, and drawers and check for loose knows, screws, and weak hinges. Loose screws and hinges can pose a safety hazard resulting in damages to the door frame or even slips and fall. Take along a flathead screwdriver and inspect the home.Mother's Day is coming up and everyone is buying baskets of flowers and chocolates. Another perfect gift to make her feel special is a few minor home improvements. Take a look at some examples you can do to show your appreciation.

Unclog the Gutters After a long winter, gutters will contain all the flying objects, debris and maybe a bird's nest. Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year but climbing the ladder can be dangerous. Take care of this horrible chore and schedule a certified gutter guard installer. Your mother will never have to worry about cleaning the gutters again.

Flush the Drains Low-flow faucets and a toilet can be energy efficient for saving water. However, the low volume of water cannot carry the debris away with a single flush. To solve this issue, flush the pipes with a large amount of water by pouring five gallons of water into the toilet while flushing at the same time.

To book a free inspection on a gutter guard protection system, call us at 1-203-721-6200 or fill out a form HERE!

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