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7 Things to Do Before the End of Summer by Sabrina Hunter

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Plant a Tree

Plant a row of trees in the right position can reduce wind blows and snow and can provide shade in the summer. Planting trees and watching them grow is always a fun project to do with the family.

Inspect your Roof

Insulate your roof to prevent a drafty home in the winter. Get a professional to inspect your roof and caulk the vents and flashings. Look out for any loose shingles or broken seams on your roof.

Check your Windows

Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect the condition of the window and door frame. Fill any little gaps with caulk to reduce the chances of heat and AC escaping your home. Caulking is easy and can help reduce the costs of heating this winter.

Maintain Driveways

Check your driveway for any cracks and seal them before winter arrives. Cold temperatures can cause cracks to expand and ruin the curb appeal. Always use sealant made for concrete or asphalt driveways.

Wash the Exterior

Wash the algae growth on the siding of your home and other hard surfaces. Mix water and vinegar (2 parts of water and mixed 1 part of vinegar) in a bucket and gently brush the vinyl siding. Start by brushing the bottom panel working your way up panel by panel. Remove the residue of the panels with a water hose.

Inspect your Gutters

Good functioning gutters can reduce the chances of water damages to your home. It is important to make sure that your gutters are clean and working well before the leaves begin to fall.Gutters should be securely fixed to your home to prevent water from leaking behind the fixture, down the walls, which can result in water damage to the foundation or the basement.

Gutter Guard Installation

Now is the time to think about installing gutter guards over your existing gutters and you will never have to think about unclogging your gutters again. Gutter guards are the permanent solution to preventing water damage to your home.

Gutter Experts

CT Gutter Helmet, LLC can help you protect your home before the leaves drop. We offer gutter repairs or installation, gutter cleaning services and gutter guard installation.

Call 203 721 6200 or click HERE to schedule your free estimate today!

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