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7 Safety Tips for Homeowners This Halloween

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

by Sabrina Hunter

How to keep my home safe for Halloween.

Halloween can be a delightful surprise of fun festivities, yummy treats, and creative costumes. But a night of surprising tricks and joy can lead to unexpected things. Don't freak out! CT Gutter Helmet created a list of important safety tips to keep your home and guests safe for Halloween.

1. Clear the Pathway

Dim lit pathways with creepy decorations will make your home look extra spooky, but it can create a hazard for your visitors. Avoid trips and falls for your guests by keeping the walkway well lit. Keep the pathway clear of clutter, and make sure it is well lit. This will help Spiderman or Moana from accidentally stepping on your perennials or tripping over a pumpkin.

2. Use LED Candles

LED lights are a safer option for creating a spooky effect in a room. Unlike candles, they have to be constantly monitored, but with LED lights they are easy and safe to use. Spend the evening with your guests, with the peace of mind of using LED lights on Halloween night.

3. Keep your car safe

Leading up to the night of festivities, kids may run around the yard causing a little mischief. Keep your car safe in the garage from accidental dents, scratches, or in a low traffic area.

4. Avoid Handing out Home-Made Treats

Never give out any home-made treats to trick or treaters. Parents will not allow their kids to accept any non-packaged treats. Surprise your family and friends with home-made treats to enjoy for the season.

5. Confine Your Pets In a closed room

Cats and dogs bring love and joy to the home, but not all kids enjoy their presence. Furry friends can be unpredictable when they see groups of strange visitors acting weird at the door. To reduce the stress levels, keep the pets in a closed room away from the main entrance.

6. Complete home improvements

Check the exterior of your home for any hazards that need immediate attention. Look out for loose bricks or broken railings as they can be dangerous for overly excited visitors. If you discover any home improvements make sure to complete them to reduce the risk at your home.

7. Keep the Door Locked

It's exciting to stand close by the front door as you eagerly wait to hand out your treats. However, it is important to lock your front door after every visit. Halloween is a time for everyone to come out and enjoy the night but use caution and keep an eye on suspicious characters.

CT Gutter Helmet, LLC can help you protect your home during the fall. We offer gutter repairs, installation, gutter cleaning services, and gutter guard installation.

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