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3 Ways to Prevent Icicles in your Gutters

Are Icicles bad for gutters?

Sparkling icicles hanging from the gutters make the winter feel magical. Although a row of icicles is beautiful to see, they can also be a tale-tell sign of an ice dam under your roof. When the water inside the gutters freezes, the overflow turns into icicles. An ice dam begins to push it's way under the shingles and loosens them. Eventually, when the ice dam melts, the water works it's way into the attic causing damage to the insulation. It's no surprise that water leaks in the roof, can result in mold growth. Below is a list of suggestions on how to prevent icicles from forming in your gutters.

1. Pull Snow off your Roof

Use a roof rake to sweep away the snow from the roof. This method is a cheap way to prevent icicles from forming in your gutters. Be careful of snow tumbling down on top of you as you sweep above your head. Make sure to clean any fallen snow on the walkway and steps before it freezes.

2. Check Your Roof

A poorly insulated attic can cause warm air to escape the home through the rooftop, causing the snow to melt and run down towards the gutters. Another area to check is the condition of the chimney flashing. The flashing seals the cracks between the chimney and the roof but can deteriorate over time, causing warm air to escape. Use a professional certified contractor to examine your home to see if any repairs are needed.

3. Install Ice Reduction System

Another option to prevent icicles forming inside your gutters is installing cables that heat up inside the gutters and downspouts. This method is very convenient as you will never have to worry about cleaning the snow from the rooftop every time it snows. Helmet Heat is an ice reduction system that offers an exclusive self-regulated heating cable to prevent the build-up of ice and snow on the edges of your roof. CT Gutter Helmet is the only company in the state of Connecticut qualified to install Helmet Heat.

If you would like to learn more information on how the exclusive heating cable operates, click HERE or call CT Gutter Helmet on 203 721 6200 today!

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