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Keep your home safe from costly water damage. Poorly installed gutters leave your home vulnerable to a wide range of problems including erosion, plant damage, and basement flooding.

Make cleaning & clogging worries a thing of the past with our quality gutter installation

Gutters are a hugely important part of any home. While your exterior helps to protect your home from the elements, your exterior itself is protected by well-installed gutters. If your gutter solution is inadequate then any rainstorm could cause costly damage to your siding, roof, or even basement in the form of flooding!

At CT Gutter Helmet, LLC we understand all of this. That's why we not only offer gutter installation and replacement services, but we make sure we work with some of the best gutter solutions on the market. This combination of quality materials and expert workmanship is just what you need to keep your home safe.

What you can expect from our gutter services:

  • Inspection and measurements prior to installation.
  • Custom gutter solutions, measured to exact specifications.
  • Strong, seamless, watertight gutters.
  • Complete clean-up and debris removal.
  • Gutter protection and gutter systems installed by licensed professionals.
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Choose the right gutter and downspout materials for the job

There are a wide range of different gutter options available including various sizes and styles. Each of these types come with their own benefits and we can help you choose which type will best fit your home and needs.

K-style gutters

K-style gutters get their name from their distinct profile. When viewed from the side they look like the letter K. Sometimes they're also known as "ogee" gutters, meaning "double curve." K-style gutters are available in different sizes, but the two most common sizes are five-inch and six-inch. K-gutters are typically made with aluminum, but can also come in vinyl, copper, and steel. While K-gutters can hold more water than rounded gutters and are less likely to bend under heavy force, they can also be hard to clean.

Half-round gutters

Many older homes use half-round gutters. While less powerful today, some homeowners still use them in order to add a touch of style to their home's exterior. These half-round gutters come in a wide range of different materials including copper, plastic, and seamless options. The half-round design offers a few different advantages including smoothness. This smoothness makes maintenance and cleaning easy while also decreasing corrosion. Unfortunately, their design also limits the amount of water they can carry, making them vulnerable to overflows in areas with heavy precipitation.

Seamless aluminum gutters

Seamless gutters are one of the most popular choices for homeowners thanks to their affordability and effectiveness. These types of aluminum gutters are custom-fit to the exact length needed and have no joints or seams to let in water or debris. Aluminum gutters offer a couple of unique advantages over competitors like vinyl and steel. They are highly resistant to cracking, splitting, and don't rust. They're also easy for a professional to install quickly and without much hassle.

Copper gutters

Coppers gutters are an interesting option that adds a touch of flavor and uniqueness to your home. Not only do coppers gutters patina with age (the color varies based on climate), but they are also quite durable and long lasting. They also don't rust and don't require painting. However, because they are a unique material they are more expensive and you must make sure they are installed by a contractor able to deal with the complicated installation. Luckily CT Gutter Helmet, LLC is just such a contractor.

Save time and money with gutter protection

If you’re installing new gutters, it makes sense to think about installing gutter guards (aka leaf filters, gutter covers, etc.) as well. This adds a little expense to the job, but eliminates a lot of headaches over clogged, overflowing gutters that can damage your home. Besides, if you’re investing in new gutters and downspouts, why risk having them become filled with rotting leaves, twigs and other debris?

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If your gutters are old, ugly, or simply starting to fail, then gutter installation is just what you need. Not only can a new gutter installation protect your home and prevent costly damage, but it can also improve your home's value and curb appeal. In fact, you can even make cleaning gutters a thing of the past when you choose gutter guards installed by CT Gutter Helmet, LLC.

Call CT Gutter Helmet, LLC today or send us an email to schedule a free gutter inspection and estimate. Our services are available in Prospect, Naugatuck, Cheshire, Wolcott, Woodbury, New Haven, Danbury, Southbury, Trumbull, Milford, Brookfield, and surrounding towns and cities.

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